Trust & Transparency

The TBILL Vault was built on a singular value proposition: to give full transparency to Investors. That is why OpenEden has undertaken to provide incontrovertible evidence, both on-chain and off, that each minted TBILL token is backed 1:1 by a pool of U.S. T-Bills, USD and USDC – at all times. And in line with OpenEden’s ethos of “don’t trust, verify”, we give Investors the tools to keep us honest.
On-chain, TBILL Vault smart contracts are publicly viewable and verifiable on Etherscan. Off-chain, the TBILL Vault’s U.S. T-Bills are held in custody by regulated custodians, which publish a publicly available daily report on its holdings. Any remaining USD fiat currency reserves and/or USDC will be held in regulated custodians or be in transit between the on-ramp and off-ramp service providers, the prime broker, and the custodian account.

Audit & Attestations

The Fund undergoes monthly attestations of its assets by TJ Assurance Partners PAC (“TJA”), a Singapore-registered public accounting corporation with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority and a member firm of Parker Russell International Ltd, to provide further assurance that the Fund adheres to proper accounting standards. A third-party fund administrator will publish a monthly NAV report on the net assets held by the Fund.